Alessi x Diwergo

On the occasion of International day of people with disabilities, Sunday 3rd December 2023, Alessi is undertaking a collaboration with Diwergo, L.t.d. Benefit Corporation that promotes inclusiveness in all its forms and that attributes a strong value to aphorisms, as a form of communication able to overturn cliches.

«The result of this collaboration has been a project devoted toinclusion on several levels: starting from the project level, wherethe use of words to amplify the communicative power of theobject is superimposed on the design, all the way to the sociallevel, since the financial purpose of this project is above all tosupport Diwergo’s commitment to spreading an inclusiveculture and way of thinking.»

Alberto Alessi, President of Alessi

“Spreading words to promote facts”: these are the words ofAntonio Giuseppe Malafarina, sole director of Diwergo, who haschosen the products of Alessi’s ‘Girotondo’ (ring a ring o’roses)family, designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini, topromote messages of inclusiveness and affordability that will belaser engraved on the trays, baskets and jars of the collection.«When you think of inclusiveness you think of an act of sharing andjoy. How can we not, then, think of ring a ring-o’roses, a ritual thatwe repeated so many times as children, holding hands, then fallingto the ground and then getting back up all together.»

Giulio Ceppi, Design Director of Diwergo

The products will be on sale on the official website with the possibility, for a small extra charge, of having the engraving personalised. The purchase of the customised products bearing the theme of inclusion will help spread a culture, a practice, enabling those who purchase these to show that they care about the issue and are willing to share their commitment with others.